4 Tips To Get The Right Traffic For Your Newly Developed Android App

“The future of mobile is the future of online. It is how people access online content now.” – David Murphy

More than 2.9 million android applications are already available on the Google Play Store. Every mobile user has at least one application installed in their phone and that being said we can assess that modern user is quite comfortable with the usage of mobile and applications. Businesses are taking this technology notch-up as a new opportunity to engage with the modern buyers.

After spending months on developing a perfect app for your business you cannot just expect that launching it on the marketplace will do the rest of the work! Even if your product is genuinely one of the top applications and has the potential to beat every other competitor’s apps available online, it is all about the right marketing that will fetch you the right result. Development and marketing together make for the successful launch of your app.

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Here are 4 Easy and Effective ways to market your Newly Developed Android Application:

1. Utilize Various Stores Available To Upload Your Application:

Market your application the right way to get the attention of the target audience and one way to do that is to seize the opportunity of online exposure.

What we mean to say is you cannot expect the best result or reaction from your users if you are publishing your application on just one online store. Apart from Google Play, we have various marketplaces for android applications and you must utilize to present your product.

For instance, you can consider marketing your application on Online Store platforms such as Amazon, GetJar, Appstore, etc. It is surely one of the beneficial android application marketing strategies which will your application download.

2. Bolster Your App Presence With Credible & Compelling App Review:

The right promotion will pave the path for the success of your application which you have developed investing all your valuable time and hard work. Spreading a concise and well-written mobile app review will showcase what your application is all about and how your target audience will benefit from it.

Featuring such mobile app reviews on tech or various other mobile app sites will certainly broaden the reach of your brand and help your potential customers to decide if they would like to learn more about the product.

A well-documented, clear, and precise description of your application along with relevant download instructions as well as app screenshots to give a little preview of the application will definitely boost the decision-making process of your customers.

3. Enhance Your Google Play Visibility:

The success of your mobile application depends on the right strategy (end-to-end) and that being said you need the best resources to develop the application and best platform to market your completed product. Once you are ready to market your product/application, it is not enough to just exist on the Google Play Store.

Boosting your app ranking on Google Play Store will ensure you get the attention of the right audience and certainly an edge over your competitors. Similar to search engines, right SEO tactics can be utilized on Google Play Store to optimize your app and thus meet your potential clients or users.

Use the right keywords in the title and description of the application to get the high-quality organic traffic for your business.

4. Leverage Social Media:

Social media platforms are not just for social engagement but a great medium to market your business as well. So, promoting your app on social media will clearly fetch you a larger audiences and potential customers for your launched product.

Not only it is a pretty hassle-free way to get the attention of the target audience through social media, but also it is an efficient marketing tool that makes the whole process quite cost-effective. You can join and engage with android focused groups that connect you to both developers and users.


While you spend a lot of time strategizing the right plan of action to design and develop a robust application for your business, it is even more important to get your finished product marketed in the right way. Don’t forget that your app will be competing with the 2.9 million applications which are already available in the market.

Right tactics to market and quality of the application decide how it will perform in the market. Midas has designed, developed, and deployed more than 1000 applications in the last ten years. Find out how you can build a successful application for your business and reach out to potential audiences. Give Us A Call or Leave An Email for more information on a mobile app and web development service from our India based firm.