Top 8 Things To Know For A Terrific Ecommerce Website Redesign

“Your website is one of the first impressions that someone will get of your business”- Stoney De Geyter

This is no hidden truth when we say your e-commerce website needs to be seamless. As it contributes to the unhindered user experience that starts at exploring and ends at buying. If you already own a website and that is not meeting your set yardstick of performance then it is time to refurbish your existing site.


Redesigning an e-commerce website requires planning and that too not a sloppy planning but a meticulous one. In this blog, we have carefully put together eight things that you must consider before commencing your site redesign.

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Below Are Eight Considerations Before Starting Your E-Commerce Site Redesign:

1. You Don’t Have To Discard The Complete Website:

You really don’t have to start from the scratch if you know which elements of your existing site are still useful.

These evergreen elements of your e-commerce site don’t need to be canceled altogether. Before starting the redevelopment you can first run a site analysis such as checking the site heatmap.

You can maintain a list of elements/features that are contributing to user engagement and thus driving more clicks etc. Once you have assessed for useful features then you can plan for site refurbishment.

2. Assessment Of Market And Competition:

No matter how disruptive your business idea and website plan are, it is an intelligent move to assess the competitors and market as well. Sometimes you get a new inspiration and sometimes you get ideas which niche-relevant ideas are not working for your competitors.

Your analysis will help you refine your list of features that you think are most suitable for the e-commerce site. Through your analysis, you are also assessing how certain features benefited your competitors in boosting the user engagement.

3. E-commerce Website And Advanced Site Search:

Outdated features will hinder your e-commerce business as it will hamper the seamless experience of users on your e-commerce site and thus less probability of conversion.

The site search function/feature is quite useful and your user will use it. For your refurbished website you must integrate an advanced site search function that will include auto complete functionality which is useful in enhancing user experience.

4. E-commerce Website & Responsive Design:

Refurbishing your website also means updating it to the latest version/technology which meets the market and user standard/expectation. Responsive design is not an option but a necessity because your business is getting traffic from different devices (desktop, mobile, laptop, etc.).

Your potential buyer will not face frustration when they are shopping on a website that is highly responsive and thus offers an unhindered shopping experience to them. Hiring a professional e-commerce web development company for the best resources and tools will help you design and build a robust site.

5. Scalable Website For Scalable Business:

Your e-commerce business is going to grow with time and it only makes sense to have an e-commerce website that matches the pace with your growing business.

A scalable site will deliver to your growing traffic demands without slowing down. A scalable site is able to adapt to the change so when you need to integrate the latest features or more product pages, the scalable site will adjust to the demands and fit your business requirements.

6. Redesign And Product Aesthetics & Details:

Apart from the functionality factor of your site, make sure to focus on products and their description. Latest e-commerce websites/portals use high-definition images of products.

They also include zoom-in features as well as a 360 degree view of the product. Adding product video gives you an extra benefit as the consumer gets a better idea/view of the item online and they are more likely to go through with the purchase. When it comes to product details, it should be extensive and useful to the user.

7. E-commerce Website And Security:

Your e-commerce website will deal with a lot of data pertaining to contact information, credit/debit card details, personal details, etc. thus it is paramount to provide a safe and trustworthy shopping experience to your customer.

Your e-commerce site should have an SSL certificate along with other trust badges such as McAfee, Norton, etc. You encourage your users to buy from you when your site displays these trust building factors.

8. Quality Assurance And Redesign:

A website is never too perfect to not require any quality assurance. To make sure your e-commerce site is meeting the needs and requirements of users it is essential to regularly test your site.

Your site should excel in performance and frequent & rigorous assessment of your site will help you get rid of the issues and problems.

Which design features are getting positive responses from the user and thus driving conversion and which features are not must be assessed.

Hiring experts will simplify your hassle as website developing experts have a thorough idea of site management, design, development, and maintenance.


These were your eight considerable points before you jump onto your redesign plan. Midas has more than eighteen years of industry experience and we design your websites and refurbish your existing ones. There is an array of services that we offer and you can check them out in our service section. For more information, you can Give Us A Call or Drop An Email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.