10 Tips You Will Need For Designing The Perfect Logo

“If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design”- Ralph Speth

Your website logo has a great significance. It is the visual representation of your brand which eloquently speaks to the target audience, communicating about the authenticity and reliability of the service & business.


Thus, it is quite important to cater your time and effort in designing the perfect logo for your business. Your logo should be the right mix of creativity and appeal which your audience will connect with and remember for a long time.

In this blog, we have come up with ten useful tips to design your business logo. Midas is a Custom Web Development and Design Company from India with more than eighteen years of industry expertise in developing impeccable websites and logos. Check out our service section for more information.

10 Major Tips For Perfecting Your Business Logo

1. Novel Idea & Logo Design:

When creating a logo design it is best to do delve into creative ideas rather than just making a look-alike logo of your existing competitor.

Cliché is not the way to go when talking about impactful logo designs. Find novel and innovative ways to use the existing elements to create something meaningful for your brand.

2. Don’t Fall For The Trends:

You will see trends and the latest fads in every niche of marketing and so is the case with logo design trends. However, you must understand that you cannot just follow a trend for the sake of following a trend without getting any valuable idea or solution for your business.

If the ongoing trend doesn’t resonate with your business type and brand style then it makes little to no sense in following it. Also, you will have difficulty standing out in the crowd when you are jumping on the bandwagon of trends with others.

3. Brand Logo & Audience To Appeal:

Now, hear us out when we say that you need to design your logo targeting the potential consumer but it should also have an impact on the broad audience out there.

An outdoor clothing brand might have a target audience as hikers and campers but you also need to consider the wider audience which will include different age groups (young as well as old) and other outdoor activities such as anglers and hunters.

Your brand logo in such a situation must attract the primary audience while it should also appeal to the wider audience.

It is something that is not easy to achieve if you are a novice in the design field or don’t have enough experience in the market to understand how to achieve that perfection.

You can hire professional designers who can create an unique logos for your brand.

4. Logo Design & The Story Behind It:

People like stories, they like things that have some sort of significance & expression.

When your logo incorporates all these factors, meaning it is interesting, innovative, and has a meaning behind it, then it is easier for the audience to remember the brand and the business.

Take the very well known Amazon logo which represents diverse services (A to Z) they offer and the customer satisfaction they offer (the little smiley arrow).

5. Logo Design & Color Concept:

The right color combination is a factor that can be leveraged to create the most outstanding logo for your business and brand.

Establish a stunning visual appeal for your logo by choosing the right color palette that matches your brand and target audience.

You can pick single color or transition effect to bring out the impact of your logo.

6. Logo Design & Typography:

Sometimes being the odd one is all you need to be the outstanding one. And it is true when it comes to using typography for your logo. It is quite a challenge to be unique using the standard fonts for your design.

Customized typefaces are highly recommended for those who want to captivate the attention of their audience. Coca-Cola and Cadbury are some of the famous examples of creative typefaces.

7. Logo Design & Symmetry:

Another factor that counts in creating visual appeal when it comes to logos is the balance of elements.

The shape, size, curve, color, arcs, and overall design should have a symmetry that doesn’t make the logo to look off-balance. It is a basic but very important tip when creating a versatile logo design.

8. Logo Design, Negative Space & A Dash Of Enigma:

Spartan and FedEx are the brilliant examples of logos where you can see intelligent use of negative space which offers more than what meets the eye.

You can see the FedEx logo has creatively used the white space between the letters E and X to represent an arrow and similarly the Spartan logo represents a golf player as well as a Spartan soldier.

You can also consider these tips to create a more indicative and interesting logo for your brand and business.

9. Unconventional Logo Designs:

Not everything needs to be simple and obvious. Logos can be unusual and yet extraordinary. This unconventional concept works best when it is not easy to picture your business niche by the mere name of the brand.

For instance, a technology business can use its logo design to represent innovation and authenticity rather than just an image that represents computers and similar ordinary and obvious stuff.

10. Logo Design & Simplicity:

A memorable logo that is easy to recognize is also the one that is simple yet uncommon.

Make sure your finished design is able to convey your brand message through its design, typography, and overall symbol.

A very complicated design is hard to remember or understand. When aiming for versatile design, do consider making your design simple and effective.


These were our ten tips to make your design logo look more authentic, exceptional, and memorable. Like we said earlier, it is possible to not have all the resources to create impactful designs for your brand, and it is okay to consider hiring experts. Midas is your custom web development & design services provider for end-to-end design and development solutions. Check Out Our Service Section Or Give Us A Call Right Away For More Information.