10 Questions Will Help You Pick The Right Website Maintenance Company 2020

“Website without visitors is like a ship lost in the horizon.”- Dr. Christopher Dayagdag

A high-quality and superior website will thrive and succeed in testing times. Every year at least hundreds and thousands of websites go live but not every one of them manages to dominate the market or entice the customers.


The whole process of website development does not end at completing a website; rather it also includes the process of keeping it up-to-date and well maintained. That’s where website maintenance service comes into play. You have to have a good maintenance system/team to ensure your business website doesn’t dwindle in performance. Through this blog post, we will be sharing some insights on how to hire your expert team for website maintenance.

Here are some quick questions to ask your Application and Web Maintenance Services provider in order to decide whether they can provide you with the right set of solutions and web maintenance services for your business.

Q 1: Could you explain the Onboarding and Ongoing process for Website Maintenance?

Website development and maintenance service providing firms and companies generally do have a well-defined procedure for their maintenance service/journey. Having a defined procedure to process the service will corroborate the fact that deliverability will not be delayed. Also, it ensures that the outsourcing firm has required safety and security measures to prevent the project from any sort of compromising scenario.

When talking about pre-determined onboarding procedure, we mean that it must have the following points:

• Support team and their process to initiate the project
• Various initiation tasks that will be completed
• Reports that will be forwarded on completion of the initiation process

Q 2: Does the service providing firm has a dedicated support team for the Website Maintenance? What are the skill-set and strengths of the professionals who will be administering the project?

Before hiring the external/offshore/outsourcing team for the service, it makes sense to know and understand what their experiences are and how well they have worked on the relevant niche market. Without core expertise and relevant experience in the field, it is possible to have delayed service which can risk brand reputation.

Q 3: What is the Turnaround Time for their Service?

Turnaround Time or TAT is the total time needed or required to complete the undertaken task. Also, how soon the change request will be effectuated?

Q 4: Do you have an Escalation Matrix and a Critical Support Team?

Any reputed and well-structured organization will have an escalation matrix to ensure worst-case scenarios are tackled and any service related issues are promptly addressed. Maintenance service will ensure to improve the quality service for the target customer.

Q 5: Does the firm have a specialized CRM for Website Support and Management?

While the digital market is gaining attention, the competition is getting cut-throat and in such a scenario it is necessary to invest your time and money in maintenance and management services that prove effective and beneficial for the business.

Web maintenance firms with substantial expertise generally do adopt a specialized CRM system that will guarantee scalability and deliverability. You can ask how the CRM system will assist in carrying out maintenance functions such as tickets, usage, renewal, etc.

Q 6: Does the Support and Maintenance Team/Firm will provide detailed monthly Activity Report of the Scheduled Maintenance? What are the other reports that the outsourcing team will provide?

Mostly, it is recommended to go for monthly update activity and security reports on a website. However, some web experts also favor getting the weekly reports on the activity updates. In any case, it is best to ask the outsourcing team about the reporting method they use and how they handle monthly activities and detailed reporting on the same.

In addition to the activity report, what are the other reports that you will be getting from the maintenance team? For instance, we have the website load time report, website audience report, performance report, etc.

Q 7: Are there any value additions that the firm provides apart from the Website Maintenance and Management Service and will those value additions will be chargeable?

Any business that wants to retain its customers will aim to provide more than what is committed and these value additions will contribute to the brand value of the service provider. So, make sure to consult our Midas experts on website maintenance services and amazing value additions that we provide along with that.

Q 8: Does the firm offer Mobile App Support for the clients to raise and manage support requests?

The mobile age has made it necessary for businesses to make their services never more than a few taps away. If an expert website maintenance firm is aiming to grow its clientele, it is more likely that they will have this type of additional source of support.

Q 9: What are the Top Brands and Clients that are under your Website Maintenance and Management Service?

To make sure the firm you are going to hire for maintenance service is tried and tested by others before and have proven successful, you can ask and check out various brands and websites they have worked with in the past.

Q 10: Ask how does the firm manage its Backup System?

Does the website maintenance and management firm has an automated system or they use manual one? What is the frequency of taking backups? How do they store the backups? Knowing answers to these questions will help you understand whether you will want to work with this particular firm or not.


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