5 Key Things To Review When Aiming For a High Performing Website

Your website will continue to yield quality result if you don’t fail to keep your site in good condition. Yes, building website is not a one time thing where you design, develop, deploy and sit back. Rather you invest in maintenance, updates and regular reviews to ensure your website doesn’t have any blind spot that is keeping the site from reaching its pinnacle.

Here is the ultimate website checklist with top 5 items for website review and maintenance. You can go through it along with your hosting company and developing team to learn how to salvage your site from lagging behind.


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1. An exhaustive and detailed review of the website along with site testing (tip: do it annually or after every update): Best way to maintain your website performance is by time-to-time going for thorough review of complete website including all pages. Periodic review and testing will help you detect issues related to broken links, ineffective features, as well as features that are in dire need of enhancement. Pay special heed to following points:

• Load time
• Broken links
• Errors of any kind
• Complete user-experience
• Typos and grammatical errors on website content
• Outdated content
• Missing content
• Missing meta tags and page titles
• Features and business logic
• Erratic styles or formatting
• Features & business logic

2. Review and audit the website forms and checkout process on website (tip: do it quarterly or after every update): Most unfortunate way to lose business would be keeping your potential buyer interested up to the very last phase only to lose them at the CTA stage because the ‘Contact Us’ form is out of function! To ensure you don’t lose any possible lead from converting is by regularly checking all Call to Action and points of contact or sale and making sure they are directing user to the required destination.

3. Review and evaluate your website KPIs, analytics and SEO reports (tip: do it every month): How is your website performing? How can it be improved? What KPIs to target? Gauge your website performance and evaluate the website analytics to know better ways to optimize your website and its performance on search engines. Keeping review of these analytics will help you to measure the overall performance of the website.

4. Security updates and fixing errors (tip: do it monthly or when patches are released): Compromising your site security or not taking proper measures which could lead to site vulnerability is enough reason to invest your time on website review and check for security updates and error fixes. Your web developing team as well as hosting provider should update software & upgrade the required security patches, bug fixes, and other updates (such as web server, database and CMS etc.).

5. Renew site domain name (tip: do it annually): Having a domain name adds credibility to your brand and business. Besides adding professional look to your website, your domain name is critical aspect for improving your market visibility. Best way to keep your prized possession intact is by renewing it every year prior to the expiration date.

These are some of the top ways to keep your website spick and span and monitor for any anomaly. Midas has been in the industry for over 15 years and with a team of website & portal development specialists we deliver tailored site maintenance and development services. Stay tuned for the part two of the post where we share more key factors that you must monitor to ensure your website is indeed high performing site. Till then stay woke and keep reading!