11 Mistakes To Avoid When Planning For Web Application Development 2021…Part III

“The user experience design of a product essentially lies between the intentions of the product and the characteristics of your user.”-David Kadavy

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These Are The 11 Common Pitfalls That You Must Avoid When Working On Your Web Application Development:

7. Not Giving Adequate Technical Requirements And Specifications:

Your hired web app developing partner is not a mind reader, meaning you cannot hope to get what you have never clearly stated to them. Often time start-ups and even experienced companies fail to clearly communicate their goals and requirements related to the business app they are aiming to launch in the market.

Did you specify the details pertaining to your application to your technical team? Do you have a clear idea of your product and are you able to specify the same to your developing partners?

A thorough and deep technical specification is the key to saving extra time and effort on redoing the completed work only because you missed to mention certain critical aspects the first time.

8. Don’t Waste Your Time Adding Functionality That Won’t Contribute To The App:

“More the merrier” is honestly not the right adage to draw inspiration from when talking about web application building. While the idea sure is tempting to stuff your application with as many functions as possible but it will turn your app into anything but customer or business-friendly.

The rule of thumb would be not to add features that you just fancy rather focus on the ones that will simplify user-engagement and streamline business relations on the online platform. Features that will enhance an intuitive aspect of your app are a big yes for the application. Any feature that will lead to problems such as increased loading speed of pages, delay in deploying of the product or more time in development, etc. is a major red flag and you should give a good hard thought before investing in that idea.

9. Feature And Functionality Are Two Sides Of The Same Coin:

Another pitfall that is related to the one we have just mentioned above is forgetting the usability of the feature. You are missing the point of creating an app if it means not building something that is customer-relevant.

Your application must have features and you are allowed to add them as per your business requirement provided these features are functional and do not hamper the user experience in any way. You can undo a bad feature on your app but it is very difficult to win back a miffed customer.

Do not just go for the whole aesthetics and visual appeal of the application and design, but also make usability and functionality a priority. Make sure to start with defining the key features of your app, that way you will know where your customer should focus first. Keep in mind the key usability principles in order to create and develop an intuitive and user-friendly application.

10. You Do Not Take A Leap Of Faith And Just Skip The Testing Part!

One seldom wants to see any mistake in their work especially when they have put a lot of labor and hard work into it. And you might want to believe that there will be no mistakes but truth be told, no development is ever complete without a thorough testing.

You do not want to receive those negative feedbacks and reviews on your app just because you missed the testing stage and now your app is full of errors and bugs (which were not evident before). Testing and quality assurance ensures your application in top-flight condition and is ready to be deployed.


11. Don’t Economize On Hosting When Aiming For High-End Application:

So, you did your validation of the business idea, made sure to learn about your target audience to quality testing of the app, now we move on to the last part which is hosting provider.

Some of the pitfalls related to this part of application development would be choosing a provider just on the basis of the pricing range available, opting for a service provider just because you are getting everything free-of-cost, or buying a hosting service without giving proper heed to its terms and conditions.

The mistake of choosing a substandard and incorrect hosting service will cost you more than just loss of revenue. You will end up with issues such as scalability limitations or data breaching etc.

Learn and understand more about the type of web hosting you require. You must know the pros and cons of choosing a Shared Service, Cloud-Based Web Hosting service, and Virtual Private Server. Be clear about the terms and conditions of the hosting service provider you are choosing. Price should not be the only deciding factor when opting for a hosting service. Do consider the scalability of your application and pick the appropriate value of bandwidth.


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