Top 7 Things To Consider Before Changing Your Website Design 2020

“Web design is not just about creating pretty layouts. It’s about understanding the marketing challenge behind your business.”

A website redesign is essential when an existing design is not serving the purpose. In the digital age when the consumer expects excellent user-experience, you will be jeopardizing your brand reputation and overall business success with a website that has a sub-par performance. Here are seven factors to consider when aiming for a website redesign in 2020.


1. Serious Assessment On What Is Contributing To The Overall Performance Of The Website And What Is Not:

A thorough analysis will help in understanding what changes you might actually need in your website design and what existing features are already effective in fetching the expected performance result.

At Midas, you get to work with experts who have years of experience working on various critical aspects of website design and development. We have our analytical tools and resources to assess the performance of a particular website and how visitors/users are reacting to the overall website interface.

We can help you with crucial insights on website management and how to enhance the website performance by doing the critical changes to design and development so that traffic on the website can be boosted and search engine ranking of the site can also be improved. Understand how your website is being perceived and new design and amp up the online presence of your website.

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2. Establish Realistic Yet Smart Goals:

A website can deliver performance when a design is not just for aesthetic appeal but to simplify the website functionality as well. A well thought out and smartly put together website will certainly have a great user experience which will have the potential to deliver excellent results when it comes to performance properties such as loading time, a navigation system, etc.

With Midas, you get the edge as you get the best of service in deciding what works for your website and how you can improve the existing result. Our website development and designing experts will assist you in:

• Setting website refurbishment/redesign goals.
• Achieving a cohesive design result that contributes to the growth of the brand and simplifies business operations.
• Improving website performance and thus increasing the site traffic and leads.

3. Know Your Competition:

Know your market and your competitors in order to come up with the right strategy to perform par excellence.

Knowing your niche market and what is trending will benefit you in getting the crucial data on what is working for the business and how it can be leveraged when working your own website design. What sections of your website are under-performing and how a good design will work in your favor.

4. Review Your Website Content And Refresh It If Needed:

Design and content together strengthen the performance of your website and thus it is important to assess whether existing content on your website is effective enough to get the attention of potential buyers and online visitors.

Updating your blog section on a regular basis will help in generating quality leads for your site. Meet our experts and get more insights on how to keep your website content in the best condition and fresh for the users.

5. Is Your Website Meeting The SEO Requirements?

Your website design should be SEO-friendly as you don’t want to put in all the effort in designing your site only to get no exposure and consumer attention on the search engines (which means losing your potential buyers!).

Our SEO experts at Midas work along with our web developers to ensure each and every website that we deploy is highly optimized to the market standards. Certain factors that will help in keeping your website optimized include:

• Including page titles, Meta description, and permalinks.
• Content design with clear headers and sub-headers.
• Lading page design should include keywords in the content.
• Website loading time should be minimal.

6. Responsive Website Design:

The aim is to make your website/web pages render well on a variety of devices or screen sizes and thus responsive design and development is the right approach to achieve that. User browsing experience must not be affected and every update or redesign should be able to improve the user experience on your website.

7. Evaluate CMS Options:

Content Management System (CMS) will influence or impact the type of website redesign you are aiming to achieve and thus it is critical to evaluate your available options. Which CMS works for your business type and redesign goals and how it will work in enhancing the customer experience online.


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