Top 7 Mistakes You Can Avoid When Outsourcing Mobile App Development

Outsourcing is an age old technique and even in today’s modern time we rely on outsourced services to fortify and reinforce our business operations. Mobile is the age we are living in and business in mobile generation is incomplete without mobile application.


Yes, we are talking about mobile app development service and how it is useful in strengthening your business presence in the digital sphere. Midas is a leading mobile web and application development company from India which can assist you with latest development services on both iOS and Android platforms. But today we will be focusing on factors that you must consider before hiring an offshore company for the service.

Here are top mistakes that you can and must avoid when outsourcing mobile app development:

1. Going for the cheapest service provider in the market:

Price should be one of the factors you should evaluate before hiring a service but not so much that you compromise on the quality of service. You might work out your financial concern by taking the cheap service road but it is going to be a long way before you can expect any solid result from it. In the end, low quality of work will cost more money but you can prevent this disaster by outsourcing to companies which are not the lowest bidder for the service.

2. Leaving out Market Research before hiring for the service:

Aiming for a thriving mobile application but ending up choosing the first service provider you laid your eyes on will certainly not work in business scenario. Market research is the tool and process that will strengthen your awareness and help you in dodging the ones that are not going to meet your requirements. Your outsource service provider should have the experience of delivering service to a offshore business which is not within easy reach. Your best pick should have the knowledge of the market and are ever ready with the right skills and resources to help you in your project. You are looking for experts who can ensure that they can build and deliver the mobile app on time and make it stands out in the market. You can research and probe the previous works profiles of the service providers and if their style of work suits for your business. Make sure they have done a couple of projects related to your industry as you don’t want to hire someone with no idea about your project and field.

3. Communication gap and misperception:

In business, miscommunication can cost loss of business and trust and failure to deliver service on time. When working on a new project with a new team of outsourcing firm, it is essential to communicate the business goals loud and clear and what you expect from the mobile app service. Lack of communication and not understanding your project requirements could be the lethal blow for your project and thus consulting only professionals would be recommended.

4. Not notifying about the project deadlines and timeframe in advance:

It is important that you clearly communicate and explain the outsource team/company about the service requirements and how long you are planning to hire them for the service. Clearing the available timeframe will keep them aware of the time they have to work on the mobile app and deliver within the given deadlines. One way or other, communicating your needs and requirements will help your business in the long run.

5. Not showing enough faith in your developer:

Once you have done your research and selected a service provider for your mobile app development you need to trust them and allow them to do their work. Being apprehensive at every stage of development and interrupting their work will only mar the quality of work and trust factor between both parties. Giving them freedom to work will give them the independence to come up with best ideas using their skills.

6. Take into account the time zone differences:

When outsourcing your development project to a company with different time zone, you need to make sure that certain factors don’t hinder your result. On one hand time zone difference factor brings cost difference but there can be communication gap. When handing over your mobile web development project to an offshore team, make sure the communication is prompt and smooth from either side to ensure project is delivered on time.

7. Not keeping an eye on the latest trend:

An outdated mobile application will not impress the user out there and it will be ultimately a loss of time, money and labor. Collaborate with professionals and IT service providers who are pro in their work and have a keen eye on the latest trends and upcoming ones as well. Go for the companies and experts who have extensive work experience and knowledge in the target field.


Now you know some of the mistakes to avoid before getting started on your mobile app development. Reach out to experts and get the right consultation to ensure you end up with satisfactory result. You can Give Us a Call or Drop a Mail and Midas will help you with professional mobile web and app development services from India.