Top 6 Red Flags To Be Aware Of When Hiring A Website Redesign Agency

“Websites should look good from the inside and out.”- Paul Cookson

Last week we gave you a little insight into website maintenance and how to choose the right agency for the service. When we try to decide what we want, we also establish what we don’t want. Trying to redesign an existing website is quite a cumbersome task.


You would obviously want to rely on an expert with your website redesign job. How would you decide that the agency you are coordinating with is reliable enough and has the right experience to provide you with a feasible solution?

In this blog, we will highlight potential red flags which you can spot early on before hiring the agency for the service. By the end of this blog, you will be confident enough to know what you don’t want when looking for a website redesign service. Let’s go!

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Here Are the 6 Red Flags You Must Not Avoid When Hiring A Website Redesign Agency:

1. It’s A Red Flag When The Agency Is Just Not Asking Enough Questions About Your Business:

When you are in the early stage of planning and coordinating with the prospective service provider you must ensure they are keen enough to know more about the project and what you want from the service.

Generally, a reliable agency will ask a lot of questions to understand more about the website and what sort of redesign service you are looking for. They will ask website relevant questions such as traffic goals, niche market, business goals, etc.

The developing team will ask for technical information such as, about API integration, whether you need customized coding for the site (as it will take more time to redesign the site), and so on. These details will help in assessing the scope of the project.

If your service provider is right onto the cost of the redesign service and launch date of the project then it is certainly not a reliable agency. It is very likely that this agency will drag the development and redesign work longer than expected and you might not get the desired result.

2. It’s A Red Flag When The Redesigning Agency Seems Suspiciously Overconfident About A Tight Timeline:

Designing and building a website requires hard work and a lot of planning. Your professional team will orchestrate the planning process, design, and development as well as testing and quality assurance.

It takes anywhere from three to six months to design, develop and complete a website. If your prospective redesigning agency and sales contact is committing to complete the customized website in less than six weeks then you should take it as a red flag.

3. It Is Definitely A Red Flag When You Are Not Introduced To The Core Web Team:

No matter how impressive the sales representatives were, you need to connect and communicate with the website development team as well.

Make sure the website development team is on the same page as you and they are updated on the requirements. It’s a red flag if you don’t get the chance to speak to the project manager from the agency’s development team.

4. It’s A Red Flag When There Is No Mention Of Content:

Website content is an indispensable component that offers support to the overall website.

You cannot imagine a site without content. You need to have refined content added to your site if you are rebuilding it. Your brand’s voice and tone should match with the site content you are going to put up.

If your agency is providing the support and service for content then you need to make sure it fits your business style. In case, the agency is not giving enough clarity on content and how it is going to be done then you are looking at another red flag here.

5. It’s A Red Flag If You Are Given Assurance On Quick Results:

If you have always had faith in short cuts then you might fall for this red flag.

When it’s about the website and we say traffic building, getting qualified leads and more sales then these all results are not possible within a short period. You need to have the patience to achieve all these results provided you are following the right strategy.

It takes time, effort, and patience to find what sort of campaign will land for your brand/website and the type of content that will resonate with the audience. If you are promised ten times traffic within the first thirty days of website launch then it is a big red flag.

6. It’s A Red Flag When There Is No Discussion On Marketing Strategy:

Your website is the digital presence of your business/storefront. A website plays a very essential role in engaging and attracting the potential consumers.

From small scale to Fortune 500 businesses, everyone is present online in today’s time. You will gain qualified leads and drive better traffic to your site when your site has an effective content marketing strategy that makes it easier for the consumer to understand more about your business.

A redesigning agency should discuss the factors that can help in elevating your marketing strategy to get a better response from the users/potential buyers. If your prospective agency is not doing that then it is a red flag.


When you are hiring an agency for website redesign make sure you do your thorough research. The agency you are partnering with should be worth every dime and second that you are going to invest. Ask the right questions and be aware of the red flags.

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