Learn About the Mobile App Marketing

Mobile-friendly or mobile optimized website is a sine qua non for your digital marketing. To stay in the competitive circle it is a must to adapt to the latest marketing strategies and techniques to draw new visitors and users in. If you still thinking what is all the fuss about having a mobile-friendly website then know this that to target the mobile traffic you need mobile-optimized website also Google does count being mobile-friendly as the ranking factor and hence it is a must to boost your site ranking. A mobile-friendly site means the content of the site loads fast, the content fits on the mobile screen perfectly (without any zooming or side-to-side scrolling issue) and there are no mobile specific errors related to the site.


What is mobile app marketing?

Mobile app marketing is a digital marketing strategy to get your application discovered by the global users and the target audience. However, you will have to go through & eventually pass the fundamental challenges to launch a successful mobile application. In the current time, there will be thousands and millions of mobile apps that are being marketed across different platforms of iOS, Windows and Andriod etc.

In such a scenario where one can easily find copious number of mobile applications, what will separate you from the ordinary is how much relevant and engaging your application is. Mobile app marketing is a diverse marketing term that comprises of various techniques and strategies that includes online and offline promotion to gain user’s attention.

What is the need of marketing for a mobile app?

Once the app has been build and successfully created, the sole aim will be to introduce the quality users to the application and for that app marketing comes into action. You want mere visitors to turn into regular and consistent users and app marketing plays a key role to drive traffic.

App marketing is all about forming well-rounded and extensive strategy that will primarily involve pre-launch as well as post-launch practices. Let’s learn more about pre and post-launch approaches for mobile app marketing.

Mobile App Marketing & Pre-Launch Practices

Icon Design & Pre-Launch Marketing Practice:

The very first intention will be to impress the audience in a way that the mobile app appeals and interests them. Choosing the appropriate application icon is the cardinal rule to attract not just visitors but potential customers and therefore the icon used must define and hint the purpose of the developed app.

UX & UI Design & Pre-Launch Marketing Approach:

Primary marketing goal should involve offering seamless and hassle-free mobile app user experience and therefore needless to say that UX and UI designs should be exceptional and user-friendly. On one hand, UX will be responsible for the quality interaction between the user and the company and UI will target on the technical aspects of the app’s interface. Both UX and UI designs serve the same goal and focus and that is, impressing the visitor and improving interaction of user with the product.

Creating Website & Mobile App Marketing:

Next step to mobile app marketing is creating website which means providing unique and fresh content to the visitor and user. Developing promotional content will be beneficial for the app marketing and in this way you can also get the app reviews prior to its launch. More the positive reviews, more will be the chances of user downloading the application.

Press Release:

One of the mobile app marketing approaches include press release. It is a cheap and easy way to reach out to the users & familiarize and inform them about the launch of the mobile application. You just have to inbox the target users through a press release but make sure to develop impactful PR that will boost mobile app marketing and benefit the success of the application. For the absolute and thorough success of the mobile app marketing make certain to put as much effort in the post-launch approaches as much in the pre-launch practices.

Mobile App Marketing & Post-Launch Practices

Advertising & Post-Launch Practice:

Advertising is next step to PR and through this the application is advertised to the local and global level users. Both online and offline advertising medium will contribute to the post-launch app marketing practice. Go for cutting-edge and sought after advertising media and secondly come up with genuine and convincing reasons why the user should use the developed mobile app. Better the advertising, more successful the post-launch app marketing campaign will be.

App Store Optimization & Post-Launch Practice:

Next post-launch app marketing approach should be app store optimization. More than 60 percent of regular mobile app users find out about the latest launched applications through app stores. App Store Optimization (ASO) will refine the app store search results and boost the ranking of the launched app which will drive more traffic and it will be visible to the majority of users and that definitely improves the post-launch success of mobile app.

Linking & Indexing:

The main aim of deep linking is to redirect the user to the specific link that provides complete product information. Deep linking approach is a beneficial mobile app marketing practice. Deep linking hyperlinks the specific content within the target mobile application.

Email Marketing & Post-Launch App Marketing:

Yet another marketing channel to boost your post-launch of mobile app is through email marketing approach. It is possible to influence and drive more users to download the app through smart email marketing strategy. Effectively done email marketing will turn mere visitors into potential customers. Sending seasonal or occasional mails to the users with eye-catching and striking festive season discounts will work in favor of the app marketing product sales.



To succeed in the digital market you need to target your potential users also they are the precious resource that works as a fuel for the success of your website. Therefore, it is important to deliver quality services and to promote those services you require smart and quick channels and mobile app marketing is one of them. Stay tuned for the latest blogs and articles on our site!!!