7 Proven Ways To Enhance Your Mobile Commerce In 2021…Part II

“End-users, not technologies, shape the market. Consequently, marketers need to stay abreast not only of technological developments but also of the way people respond to them.”

The mobile shopping age is already here and you are missing out on a lot if your e-commerce business is not optimized for this platform. Through these two blog series on mobile commerce and the latest trends, we are discussing some of the important tactics to boost your mobile presence. In the last blog post, we have already discussed tactics of shopping cart optimization, one-click ordering technique, and implementation of progressive web apps.


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Let’s Get Right Into It And Find Out Some Of The Important Mobile Commerce Strategies For 2021:

1. Mobile Commerce Tactic 3: Implementing Progressive Web Apps:

We were already discussing about how progressive web apps can bring that transformation to your online business presence and how these are beneficial in carrying out business operations and improving customer engagement.

Let’s Find Out Some More Benefits Of Adopting Progressive Web Application For Your Business:

1. No compromising on loading speed with PWAs. If we compare to standard mobile websites, progressive web apps are pretty quick at loading and that means a seamless user-experience.

With headless architecture and device-level caching and various other factors add to the high performance of PWAs over mobile websites.

2. You are more likely to boost your conversion rate once you have achieved the best of the result by combining factors such as high levels of personalization, excellent user experience, and fast loading speed.

Businesses investing in PWAs have experienced an increase in conversion rate as by doing so they refined the business operations and user engagement.


3. Progressive web apps with headless frameworks offer you long-term results in the sense that you stay ahead of the competition by being prepared for the new changes that will come along in the future.

Retailers and e-commerce businesses can easily generate new frontend experiences that mesh well with the latest/updated technologies. So, you get the freedom to create forward-thinking designs that will remain relevant to the market in the long-run.

2. Mobile Commerce Tactic 4: Adhere To Mobile-First Indexing Optimization:

Ever since Google officially announced (March of 2020) that they will prioritize mobile-first indexing, it is a clear indicator for various e-commerce businesses out there to revamp and fortify their mobile e-commerce tactics to gain an edge over other market competitors.

This leads us to the question, are you ready with your mobile-first optimization strategy? Make sure your site’s content is well structured and meta tags are on point to be properly accessed by Google for your mobile platform. It is also important to not consider the mobile version of the site as simply a trimmed version of your desktop site and thus that uniformity and sameness of content across both the platforms are highly important.

3. Mobile Commerce Tactic 5: Leverage Social Media Commerce:

Social media platforms such as TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram are already business-friendly meaning they have revamped their platforms through these years to fit the e-commerce needs of businesses.

While we sure are going through the most unnatural times of pandemic, it makes sense to leverage the opportunity to strengthen your business reach by adopting these new changes of social media platform and online commerce.


Your social media presence will benefit your business as you can turn social media traffic to potential leads and customers. The trend of combining social media platforms and e-commerce is going to get only strong and prevalent for the current year and thus a very good time to invest in this.

4. Mobile Commerce Tactic 6: Improvise With Voice-Activated Searches:

You are more likely to keep your user engaged with your business site or application if your website is designed to provide that seamless and hassle-free experience.

Well, easier said than done right!? No, it is possible if you are paying proper attention to what your customer would want. For instance, ever considered the small screen size of a mobile (they cannot be similar to the desktop right!) device? Now imagine typing-out each and every piece of information to speed search a service or product. Here is your opportunity to optimize this service for your user by introducing voice-activated searches.

This trend of voice search technology is gradually gaining a lot of interest and popularity in the e-commerce industry as major companies such as Amazon have already integrated this feature into their shopping portal.

Boost the user mobile shopping experience by taking the mobile e-commerce to a new level by integrating your application to voice AI technology. Optimize your keywords for the services and products that are more likely to get searched (meaning people are more likely to use colloquial language when searching through voice search).

5. Mobile Commerce Tactic 7: Modify Your Mobile Payment Options:

If you can make it through this part of the buying process (payment stage) then your mobile app/website is indeed user-friendly. If your consumer has limited options for payment then it is most likely to create scenarios of cart abandonment. Avoid such terrible mishaps by implementing diverse payment options.


Search for the popular payment options on mobile platforms that will make the buying process more convenient for your consumer. PayPal and Google Pay are some of the popular and widely accepted payment options that you can incorporate into your mobile commerce app.


The mobile age we are living in today is already witnessing the change in online commerce and our growing interest in mobile commerce by each passing day. It only makes sense to invest and adapt to this platform if we as online retailers are aiming for long-term success in the e-commerce niche.

Through our blog series hope we were able to address the latest trends that you must stay in touch with and we promise to keep bringing you quality information through this blog section. If you are planning to refurbish your brand presence on the e-commerce platform then Midas is here to help you with the latest e-commerce development services from India. Give Us A Quick Call To Know More About Our Services.