7 Proven Ways To Enhance Your Mobile Commerce In 2021…Part I


“End-users, not technologies, shape the market. Consequently, marketers need to stay abreast not only of technological developments but also of the way people respond to them.”

Did you know out of the $2.3 trillion retail e-commerce sales for the year 2017, almost $1.4 trillion of sales came from mobile e-commerce? It is estimated that for the year 2021, the mobile e-commerce sale can go up to $3.5 trillion and that is a huge shift and an iconic change in the market for we are witnessing this ever growing mobile platform/ commerce.

A substantial percentage of e-commerce users are coming from the mobile users and they do have an immense contribution in causing this exponential growth in the last one decade. Through this blog series, we will be shedding light on some of the useful mobile commerce tactics that you can use to improve and boost your e-commerce sales. Let’s get right into it.

Here Are Some Of The Pivotal Mobile Commerce Strategies For 2021:

1. Mobile Commerce Tactic 1: Optimize The Shopping Cart:

While investing in improving the user experience does mean offering the impeccable design element, hassle-free navigation, and smart product arrangement but one thing that often gets neglected in this grand scheme of perfecting everything is the ‘shopping cart’.

The data analysis reveals that the mobile shopping cart abandonment rate is almost 86%. It is a clear indication that something is triggering this type of response from our mobile buyer. Retailers and online sellers need to address this critical problem and do the needful to optimize the overall checkout flow.

The Sooner you streamline this mobile checkout process for your consumer, the better will be the result for your online commerce as it will decrease the cart abandonment rates.


Here Are A Few Points To Consider When Optimizing The Mobile Checkout Process:

1. Add guest checkout option
2. Keep the number of screens required for checkout completion to minimum
3. Implement multiple payment options
4. Highlight important details such as “delivery dates”
5. Must include “Save for later” feature to the site/app
6. Making buying process simple by showcasing products for every stage
7. Keep address form fields short and simple
8. Address lookup and auto-suggestion is another way to improve user-experience

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2. Mobile Commerce Tactic 2: One-Click Ordering Technique:

One of the major takeaways from last year’s eCommerce trends would be the one-click step for placing an order. To fortify your user-engagement and improve buyers’ online shopping experience, it is best to employ one-click ordering. This technique will be effective in boosting your online sales.


If you’ll try to contemplate about the information and details that a consumer has to provide when placing/completing an online order then some of them would be Name, card number, card verification number, the date for your card expiration, shipping address, billing address, and email address.

By doing so you are simply highlighting the fact that buying from you is a major inconvenience because the mobile user will have to go through this cumbersome task of filling out each and every little detail and that will trigger the problem of cart abandonment.

As mobile devices have a smaller screen size compared to the desktops and laptops, it makes sense that it will be highly inconvenient to carry out the same checkout process as it is done on these large screen devices.

A very interesting fact about mobile apps is that they have only a 20 percent cart abandonment rate and that means through mobile apps you are able to offer that seamless and hassle-free buying experience which is less likely from a mobile website.

You can easily employ the one-click checkout process on your mobile app and that will elevate your sales figure by improving the buying experience for the target consumer.

While mobile applications have an edge over mobile websites when it comes to offering seamless and quality user-experience, websites get an edge over the former in terms of getting quick exposure and chances of getting discovered by the target audience/consumer.

3. Mobile Commerce Tactic 3: Implementing Progressive Web Apps:

Progressive Web Apps were in trend in the year 2020 and will continue to rank as one of the coveted trends for the current year.

Leading search engines have already adopted the mobile-first approach and that has encouraged businesses to change their online strategy to meet the market standards. You can reap an array of benefits by investing in progressive web applications that will enhance the consumer experience by focusing on a robust mobile-first approach.

Tech-pundits do see progressive web applications gaining precedence as the future of eCommerce. Frameworks of progressive web apps make it easier for the e-commerce businesses to get the prime features of native apps as well as mobile websites to build a feature-packed and excellent performing platform that offers high user-engagement with impeccable on-site experience.

Twitter, Walmart, Spotify, and Alibaba are some of the renowned brands that have already adopted this concept of progressive web apps in their business.

You get a myriad of benefits by choosing the progressive web apps for your e-commerce business. The application like features such as push notifications to customers, options for the user to save the application icon to their mobile’s home screen for quick access to the store as well as offline functionality is some of the perks that are similar to native apps.

The time and money factor in developing progressive web applications are way less when compared with the native applications. You just have to focus on developing one version of your PWA rather than shuffling between an Android version and an iOS version.

There are better chances of getting the user’s attention and market exposure with PWA as compared to the conventional mobile websites. When you have more access to the target audience you can easily bridge any gap and improve your business engagement for boosting your sales.


We are definitely not done here and in our next update you will be learning more about PWAs and we will also list down more about mobile commerce tactics that you need to adapt to notch up your e-commerce game to strengthen your online business and brand presence. Check out our blog section for more relevant and latest technology updates and you can go through our service section to learn about our top website development and design services. Give Us A Call Today For Ecommerce Website And Application Development Services From India and Midas will assist you with our industry leading services.