10 Reasons To Decide If You Need To Update Your Website This Year

“Your website is the center of your digital eco-system, like a brick and mortar location, the experience matters once a customer enters, just as much as the perception they have of you before they walk through the door.”―Leland Dieno

If you choose to go through this blog post that is because you probably are pondering over this if you should really get your site revamped. Although we understand that businesses don’t always want to go through the hassle of website redesign but it is completely unrealistic to think that once a site goes live, it will never need any update.

The online competition for traffic and consumer attention is sure an exhausting game and that’s why your website should bolster your business to help it create a strong presence with impeccable aesthetics and clear information along with seamless navigation.


So, do you really need a website update/redesign? A prompt response would be that it is a good idea to get your website updated and revamped as often as you would like to purchase a new smartphone that comes in the market.

Every website has a ‘service life’ and sooner or later it will hit that expiration date (which is decided on the factors such as how functional and useful it is for the users). In most cases, websites are deemed effective for a time span of about 18 to 30 months. However, market requirements and business goals also play a huge rule in deciding when and how often you should go for the change.

To make things simpler for you, we are listing down 10 good reasons to consider getting your website revamped and refurbished. Also, we got your back if you are in a dire need of a website revamp and you are always welcome to try our Latest Custom Web Development and Design Services that we offer from India.

1. Your Website Doesn’t Stand Out and Has Kind of Lost The Charm:

What clearly worked for your website 4 years ago might be a predictable and common thing today. Your aim should be to keep your site fresh so that it doesn’t end up looking like every other side that is around. Midas helps you with customized and completely bespoke website design, redesign and end-to-end development to create robust sites with creative page layouts and swift overall functionality on desktop as well as mobile.

2. Your Website is Not Doing The Best Job in Representing The Brand:

This is a clear sign that you need to get your website in the best shape. Your website is accessible to users online 24*7 and it is one of the best places to approach new clients and promote your business.

3. Your Website is Not Able To Attract The Right Consumers And Clients:

A simple way to evaluate this is to check if you are able to connect to the target clients and buyers through your website. In case you are not, that means your website is not projecting itself the right way to attract the right people in the market.

One good way to refine your website design and presence would be to curate the work and get rid of any information or work that you no longer deliver but is still showing on the website. Use fresh and best images to display the projects that you have completed. Consistency is the key and that means color, font, icons, and content everything sync together and contribute to the overall presentation of the website.

4. Are You Still Using An Obsolete Theme or Technology?

When it comes to technology, new is good/fresh and old is not always gold. Web standards and trends change like the weather and you cannot expect present technology to dominate forever. Thus to keep your website up to the market standards and meet the preferences of your potential clients, it is quite essential to be agile and change your website presentation as per the demand.

You might have outdated website codes which are affecting the website loading speed and response time. Your website might still be struggling to offer a seamless and swift user experience to mobile users. Maybe the antiquity website theme that worked completely find a few years back is now not meeting the aesthetic goals and you should know that customized website themes can bring about a drastic change in the way your website looks.

5. You Cannot Expect To Work Fine Without a Mobile-Friendly Website:

It is very unlikely that you don’t have a mobile-friendly website in this day and age, but if so is the case, please don’t kill any more time and give Midas a call right away!

However, even if you already have a responsive website, you cannot deny that new trends are ready to emerge and take over the market, and with the updated site, modern CSS code, and fresh theme you can easily keep up with the ongoing change in the technology trend.

Also, Google really cares about the websites that cater to mobile users as more than 50 percent of web traffic on Google search engine comes from mobile devices. Having mobile friendly website is one of the deciding and crucial factors for the success of your business online.

6. The Slow Loading Of The Website Is A Sign!

A website that is in the right condition will surely have a good loading speed and that would be under 5 seconds. You can use tools such as GTmetrix to check your website loading speed.

If your website speed is not meeting the requirement then you might need to do some changes and refurbishments on your website to get the speed back on track. Check out if you have poor hosting service, images that are not yet optimized, and theme which is rather exacerbating the problem.

7. High Bounce Rate:

All your blogging, SEO, and marketing efforts to bring in the potential clients and traffic to your website will amount to zero if the user bounces off as quickly as they came to the site. A high bounce rate could mean that you need to make small or even big adjustments/changes to your site. Whether it is the site content or overall navigation system of the website or even how the look and feel of the existing site is, you will have to make sure the website is updated. Generally, a 40 to 60 percent of the bounce rate is considered fine for a website. In case you need professional assistance in how you can get your website bounce rate back to normal, you can reach out to us.

8. Is Your Website Secure?

Talking about site hacking, then pretty much any website (new or old) can be ruined if it is hacked. Losing important data pertaining to business and clients is something no business ever wishes for. However, when technology is old or obsolete, it is much easier to breach the system security and that is a sure reason why your website should stay updated and fresh.

9. A Search Engine Optimized Website:

Your website will bring in more traffic, rope in potential clients, and persuade existing buyers to stay loyal to your business provided your website is search engine optimized and updated regularly so that it ranks on search engines such as Google.

An updated site will be easy to crawl and index on search engines which will boost the site ranking and that will give you more opportunity to get the attention of the right customers. So, a powerful combination of aesthetically pleasing and updated website is a door to guaranteed traffic for your website.

10. Latest Applications And Integrations:

Websites with obsolete technology that are not scalable and cannot keep up with the competition can make you lose a lot of valuable clients and customers. With new applications and plugins being released from time to time, you need to make sure your site is updated and can go with all the integrations and changes.

The purpose of writing this blog post was not to coax you into believing that your existing website is not working for you at all. A website redesigning procedure is sure a complex process and it does ask for time and effort.

So, if you can come up with a couple of good reasons that can hint that your website does require an update/change/refurbishment or redesign, only then you must go for it. Your business and customers connect through your website and any user coming to your website should find it interesting in the first place and only then you can expect that they might think about working with you.


We put a lot of effort and our years of experience into every website project that we build. We try to create quality-rich and powerful websites that empower your business and speak for your brand. If you are curious to know how we do that, give us a call! Midas is here to help you with any website pertaining to solutions. For more website development services and solutions Feel Free To Contact Us And Check Out Our Service Page.