Top 6 Expert Tips To Unlock The Best Of UI For Your Website

“UI is the saddle, the stirrups, & the reins. UX is the feeling you get being able to ride the horse.”- Dain Miller

We are back with a fresh blog for this week and we will uncover some real truth behind the concept of UI and how it plays a significant function in adding that value to your business website and thus encourage consumer engagement and enhance user-interaction with the business. You will be limiting your business potential if you are not working on your website and making it the main locus of your online presence.


When designing a website, how often do you consider developing it from the perspective of engaging with the customer? It is not shocking to know that many websites have this basic error where sites are designed mainly to perform as a platform to display the business and its services rather highlighting how customers can benefit from these services.

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What Do You Mean By UI Design Of A Website?

UI design is short for User Interface design. This design mainly pays attention to user’s needs and thus a lot of planning and strategy behind UI design depends on anticipating and learning the target user’s possible navigation style and how they would explore through the site and how UI experts can use suitable elements to engage better with the audience.

UI design will focus on building elements that the audience is comfortable accessing. The key goal here is to remove the struggle. The less user has to struggle to navigate through the website, the better UI design elements are working. UI and UX design elements complement each other and thus often UI and UX experts work in sync when working on a target website.

Here Are 6 UI Elements/Factors That You Can Put Together To Develop An Impressive And Outstanding Website For Your Customers:

1. Being Clear About Your Audience:

How to add the UI elements and design to the website has a lot to do with the type of audience you are addressing or connecting with through this site. Your target audience will be looking for the information and how you can turn this experience around and offer premium service.

You might want to ask yourself that what are the things and information your user will want to see or expect to see on your website? Does your site have sufficient elements to fortify relevant user experience?

You are basically aiming to design the right layout and other key elements that will attract the attention of the audience visiting the website and it will make their site navigation simple and hassle-free.

2. It Is Essential That Your UI Components Are Conspicuous:

Clarity is what we are talking about here. Your each and every design element on the website has a role and function to deliver and thus it is better if these elements are easy to understand and notice.

Complicating things such as using complex icons will deter the audience/user to explore further. For instance, the online audience is acclimatized to and comfortable with certain design elements like shopping cart icons, the bell that signifies notification, or the hamburger icon that indicates menu function.

Not changing these elements will mean simplifying the navigation process and that will boost the interaction between business and your target consumer.

3. Stay Consistent And Non-Complex:

It sounds easy but sometimes the simplest of things are tough to achieve and that fits right when we are talking about UI design. Professional UI and UX designers have consistently worked on various tactics that have proven to be effective in simplifying the website without compromising the aesthetics and overall presence of the business website.

That’s why it is so important to stay abreast with the ongoing trends in the market and learning how you can adopt some of these trends to improve your site functionality and appeal in general. You are encouraged to include common elements that will make exploring the website a seamless task for the user and will also save a lot of time navigating through it.

Also, make sure to maintain website consistency and that means whether designing style, structure, typography and what not, your audience should feel that they are still on the same website when they click from one page to another.

To put it in simple terms, don’t make it that difficult for your user to navigate through your website that they might need a compass to reach the right page and complete the relevant task.

4. Be Prudent When Selecting The Page Layout:

How your page layout is set will determine if your audience is able to grasp the given information, are they able to find the CTA button?

Are they comfortable going through the whole content on the page without getting distracted? Is there any possible design flaw that is not meeting the consumer requirements and thus the user is ditching the site right after they get in?

You need to give special attention to the concept of visual hierarchy. The real important and top priority elements get high preference in the visual hierarchy. This makes skimming and scanning through the page and website easy for the audience while maintaining the professional appeal of the site.

5. Simplify Your Website Forms:

Although forms on your website are aimed to track leads and possible buyers, often you might end up sending a negative impression. Want to know why?! Well, the reason is simple and that is user hates the manual and laborious work of filling out never-ending long forms.

Form filling kills time and disrupts the consumer’s flow of navigation. Experts suggest using forms judiciously, also using them only on those pages where you are more likely to expect gaining leads. Stick to basic sign in information that is easy to fill out and doesn’t require a lot of time and potential.

6. Anticipate And Predict The Mistakes & Design Accordingly:

Your user is bound to err or make a mistake and that’s why your website design should be ready to counter that problem with a viable design/UI solution.

For instance, you remember filling out forms all the way down and pressing “Next” only to find out that you have filled in the wrong mobile number or address or it is “Mr.” and not “miss” and in order to correct that mistake you press “back” button but now all the information you had filled is gone and you are supposed to fill the complete form again from the start. That is a terrible task to do and a customer is in no way glad going through the entire ruckus.

You can add various elements and make similar changes to your UI to make sure the customer gets the form right in the first attempt. Submit buttons can stay inactive until the complete form is filled and that way the user knows some information is left out and needs to be filled. When pressing the back button, the information can stay intact unless the customer aborts the site or doesn’t want to continue filling out the form altogether.

Pop-ups can be used to notify the user that form submission is deterred due to an incorrect email addresses or incorrect passwords. Such visual elements will simplify navigating the website and enhance the user experience of the target audience.


There is a huge difference between a good website and an exceptional website. A website that has a target audience to address to, quality information to offer, smooth functionality, and easy to grasp navigation will certainly leave a great impression on its consumer and they are more likely to engage with the site and the business.

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