Choosing Technology Stack For Your Web Application Made Easy

The answer you are looking for when deciding whether you need a website or web application for your business is if it will add to your growth. Majority of businesses are trying to navigate their way to more business and clientele by incorporating online business techniques and that would mean needing a website or application that will serve the purpose. A well-conceived and nicely crafted website will have the appeal to get the attention of the user.

Whether it is about impressing the end-user by adding the sought after features to the application or creating a customized world-class web app that has seamless functioning along with right features to match the expectation of the stakeholders, it would be right to say that technology stack you choose would affect all these results and expectations.


Technology Stack:

Let’s talk about technology stack then. What is it you ask, technology set is a set or combination of programming languages, frameworks, databases, libraries, servers and other essential components which all together contribute in developing software. In the field of website development, the technology stack would include:

• The frontend: it would include everything which is visible to the user or displayed on the screen.

• The backend: even if this technical part is not visible to the end-user, it is still the important and more so the backbone of the development part. Some of the widely used backend languages for web and application development include PHP, Python and ASP.Net along with this you will also require database to store the data and server to take requests while creating the web application.

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Some of the essential components of frontend are as under:

• HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), it is the authoring language which is used when creating documents on the www (World Wide Web).

• CSS is the Cascading Style Sheets and it is used to format the style of the app (that would include the colors, fonts and style). Bootstrap is quite used framework for this.

• JavaScript: this object-oriented computer programming language is a formidable tool to turn your website better and more interactive. Some of the sought after frameworks for this program include Angular, React and Vue.js.

Back end technology stack is more diverse and equally complex. You have a number of choices in terms of:

• The programming language we have PHP, Python ASP.Net etc.
• Databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB.
• Frameworks such as Codeigniter, Laravel, and Symphony, etc.
• Servers such as MSSQL
• Runtime environments such as Node.js
• Operating systems such as Linux, Windows, macOS, Android and iOS.

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Choosing a Technology Stack:

It is common to feel perplexed with so many technologies at our disposal. Making the final decision on which technology stack will work can depend on several factors and it is recommended to evaluate each and every factor before determining what you really need. The success of your business project will certainly depend on the type of technology stack you choose to develop the application.

We are not just talking about possible failure but also underperformance of the application due to lack of right information and knowledge of the type of technology stack that will work best for you. Midas is among the top-tier software solution providers from Delhi and we cater to our client’s requirements and one of them being addressing to their questions related to their application and bridging the gap between technology change/trend and client who is aiming to invest in the field.

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Yet another important factor that will influence the type of technology stack you choose is the final cost of the tools and technical stack. As there are certain tools which are available as open-source and free for use and then there are paid tools for the use, you will estimate the type of application you are aiming to build and which type of tool will work best for you and if the corresponding cost will be within your budget.

Also, you must consider the cost that would include in updating the tool, support that you will need to maintain the application and subsequent development cost. The development and maintenance of a product never ends, especially if you are aiming to stay in the market for the long-run and wish to keep your application relevant to the changing trend and technology.

When we talk about SMEs the challenge to choose the right tools is very crucial as they are normally short on resources and thus buying the tools which are really not that effective will lead to total meltdown of the project. On the other hand, large scale enterprises might want to play safe or stay in the known zone and choose the tools which they always use and not the ones that will cater to the target project requirement and that is where a good decision goes wrong and impacts the final result of the project. Keep reading to know how to decide on technology stack:

• Determine the complexity and size of the project that you are working on. For projects that have strict timelines, tight on budget and simple design might need less complex solution whereas for large scale projects the advanced and high end solutions will do the needful.

• The type of application you are aiming to develop will also help in shortlisting the type of technology stack that will serve the purpose. For instance, for a startup application PHP would work best.

• A progressive application which is scalable will always support the growing requirements of the business and thus it is normal for entrepreneurs to invest in apps that can be scaled with time and thus choosing right technical stack is essential in that terms. Applications that are unable to serve the growing needs and expectations of the customers will damage the brand name and client relations. However, not every technology is flexible and while some are easy to scale that other, some are not effective for large scale applications and thus you must evaluate each factor before deciding on which one to choose.

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• Right skill set is the game-changer when it comes to developing efficient and successful application for the business. Selecting the right technology stack but handing it over to inexperienced team will lead to collapse of the business application. You need a team that can take care of the end to end development and maintenance. A reliable software development partner will go long way in developing the right product and maintaining the product quality.


Make your decision on technology stack depending on various factors of end-user needs, total cost on the project, available skilled professionals, type and size of the application also if you are aiming to design a minimum viable product or an enterprise level application? Will the technology stack you are choosing adjust to the changing needs of the business? If you still having hard time deciding on what will work best for your business; give us a call and we’ll help you through and through. Stay tuned to our blog section for more tech information and updates. Check out our service page to know what other services we offer.