Best Way To Create Bug-Free Mobile Application In 2020

“If you don’t like testing your product, most likely your customers won’t like to test it either.”

When building a robust application it is vital that you leave no stone unturned. Since it is the pinnacle of mobile age thus it is obvious that at some point in time you will and to be honest, you should realize that mobile applications are going to offer a better online presence for your business. Smartphones have become our extended self and almost everyone is fond of this little gadget.


There has been a tremendous rise in the total number of mobile applications that are released every year in the mobile app industry. According to a survey, it is expected that the mobile app industry will notch up the revenue generation to approximately $935.2 billion by 2023.

Any business application that we build must have the swift functioning, impeccable navigation, and thorough security and only then we can expect that the user might show some interest in your business. Defective and poorly functioning applications are doomed anyway and that’s not just a waste of money but time and resources as well. The on-going market competition is already cut-throat and thus there is no room for websites and applications which are under-performing and full of bugs.

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Let’s find out the best way to build mobile applications that are up to the market standards and completely bug-free.

Before discussing our tips to build a bug-free mobile application, I think it is important to understand what app bugs actually are. In simple words, a bug is a fault or error in the system or application. Bugs will trigger incorrect system behavior and results. While a mobile application is in the development phase, it is quite possible that it will have certain complications that can lead to bugs and errors.

Here are Typical and Most Common bugs that you will come across during the development of your Mobile Application:

• Input verification errors
• Navigation and paging bug
• Push notifications at unusual times
• Bugs pertaining to error handling mechanism
• Troublesome application interface

How you can create a Mobile Application that is bug-free!

Here is the right approach to mobile application testing which you can rely on to build swift and error-free applications for your business and consumers.

1. Security Factor of the Application:

It is indeed one of the prime aspects that you will want to cater to when developing an application for most bugs that are actually triggered by breaching of system/application.

As per the latest surveys conducted on mobile application bugs, it is ascertained that almost 40 percent of application failures are due to software bugs while 60 percent of the failure is due to security concerns in the target application.

Thus, while developing a mobile application, developers need to be very cautious of the app security to prevent overall product stability from going haywire. Spotting of vulnerable factors of the application is possible if heavy testing is run from the start of the development process.

2. Focus on Code Revision:

By performing code revision you will guarantee that the quality of code is up to the desired standards which will contribute to building an efficient product for the business. Reviewing codes will speed-up the process of identifying existing error or bug which you can rectify on time.

3. Automated Testing:

For automated testing, you will be using particular software that will have pre-defined playback functions which will work on the principle of comparing the output to the anticipated/predicted behavior. However, generally large scale companies invest in automated testing in their software testing process for the resources needed to perform automated testing can cost more.

Automated testing does ensure that the quality and accuracy of the application are true as per the expectation and by choosing automated testing you also save time and effort in the overall process.

4. Beta Testing:

This type of testing is performed by the end-users and can be called an informal type of testing. We use a real-world environment to carry out this testing. Generally performed when the product is in the final testing stage and thus by releasing it to a limited number of end-users you gather their feedback and accordingly ensure if any further changes and modifications are required.

5. Testing on Various Devices for Robust Application Development:

Ensuring the application is compatible and performing as expected on various operating systems, devices and versions will offer a full circle testing on your mobile application.

Your diverse demographic user base will be ready to use the application on the latest as well as older versions of their devices and to serve each and every consumer type your product should be able to perform on different platforms.


To develop and build an error-free mobile application for your brand/business you certainly need to include professional software testing services that will test the quality of your product and resolve any issue before the product hits the market.

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