11 Mistakes To Avoid When Planning For Web Application Development 2021…Part II

“The user experience design of a product essentially lies between the intentions of the product and the characteristics of your user.”-David Kadavy

In the last blog post, we discussed how underestimating the “market research” can lead you to end-with a subpar web application. We have come up with a list of important factors that can make or break your application that can seriously affect your brand value. Let’s get into the list right away and find out more about the critical mistakes to avoid when building your web application.


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Here Are 11 Common Pitfalls That You Must Avoid While Working On Your Web Application Development:

4. Absolute Mistake Of Skipping The MVP Development Stage:

When you plan for your business application you will have to go through different stages and it is no like a one step process where you have the idea and you got the investors and you directly rush into developing the final product. This will only lead to disaster in terms of not meeting all the needs of the buyers, consumers, and most of all the business itself.

Once you have gotten the green signal (the positive reviews/feedback) from your investors and trusted customers/users you would want to gain their complete confidence and building an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) should be the next step for it.

Your MVP will be a well-performing and fully functioning web application but with a minimum required features that will be sufficient to get the relevant feedback on the product from the real users present in the market.


This is a significant step in app development and here are two different ways to develop your MVP based on underlying objective/purpose:

Developing MVP For Initial Users And Investors:

This version of the product is suitable when investors or initial users are ready to test the real application. However, as you are still in the early stage of feedback gathering so an MVP will come in handy here.

Development Of MVP After Getting Approval From Investors:

In this case of MVP, you have already gotten approval from your target users and investors and thus the developed MVP will be scalable meeting the goals of the business and requirements of the end user.

5. Going Cheap When Choosing A Software Service Provider:

It is always recommended to consult and hire a professional service provider for your business software development for you don’t want to end up with a product that does not meet the market standard.

If your in-house technical team lacks in the experience then chances are your product will have an unstable operation, substandard user engagement, an unintuitive interface, etc. You risk losing the market competition and at the same time, you will invest all your money and time on a failed product.

When you hire an expert team for the development you ensure that you market the quality and high-end product within the expected time limit.

Here are some of the Factors that you must consider when reaching out to a Professional Technical Team for the Web Application Development Service:

Does The Service Provider Have The Domain Expertise?

Here you should focus on web development and solution providers who have a core competency and relevant skills in a similar background that you are looking for in your web application service. Your technology partner should have a clear strategy and idea to meet your business goals through your application.

Check Out The Appropriate And Applicable References:

There are thousands of options when it comes to hiring a technology partner for website and application development. Refine your searches and ensure that you are getting the right service provider by reaching out to experts and technology partners that have viable market experience and presence, also go through their client reviews and online feedback.

Concentrate On Technology Stack That Is Relevant To Your Business:

It is easy to get impressed by software expert teams that mention having diverse experience (which often are a shallow experience!) in various programming tools.

However, the key here when deciding your technology partner is to choose the experts who specialize only in a couple of technology but come with a thorough knowledge of the programming tools.

Are You Getting Maintenance Support And Assistance?

Because your web application is going to be a long-term investment and thus you will require guidance and assistance in maintaining your developed product. You want to make sure that your technology partner is with you not just until the development phase but also after the product is deployed.

6. Lack Of Proper Assessment And Estimates When Developing Web App:

If you are investing your time in proper and thorough project research and analysis that means you are giving your technology partner the latitude to understand the product/project from every angle. Many start-up businesses rush into finalizing the time estimates and do not give enough time to their hired development team to analyze the project properly which results in a delay in project delivery.

If your aim is to develop a quality product that can stand the market competition then prior preparation, research, and product assessment are critical. Your technology partner will also enlighten you and help you set the realistic expectations and how you can achieve that in the given time limit.

Midas ensures to meet all the project deadlines for its clients and for that we prioritize to discuss and evaluate the scope of the project from the very start and accordingly set the time period for its completion.


We are not done yet, stay tuned to our blog post to learn how you can keep your web application development a hassle-free and error-free process by not falling for the pitfalls of web app planning and development. You can also check out our service page to know the top services that we offer to our clients. Give Us A Call For Quick Information/Consultation on web app development or you can drop us an email right away! For customized web app development services from our India based company, you can reach out to Midas anytime!