10 Benefits Of Using Progressive Web Apps For Your Business…Part II

“Great web design without functionality is like a sports car with no engine.”- Paul Cookson

Last week, we started with ten reasons how progressive web applications are beneficial for your business and without further ado let’s dive right into it.

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Below Are 10 Benefits Of Using Progressive Web Apps:


4. With PWA It Is Easy To Share, Rank, And Discover Relevant Information:

Your business requires exposure in the market and what better way to do that other than using search engines where the web brings in potential consumers to your site.

While Google, Bing, and similar search engines will help your business to grow by reaching out to the new audience you can expect an increase in site traffic and subsequently fortifying your brand presence.

5. You Don’t Have To Depend On App Stores:

It can be a cumbersome task to maintain and upkeep the native applications.

App stores can slow things down for your business by mandating QA testing, and release notes, etc. which can delay your business critical launches and in a way limit that free-engagement with your user. With PWA you don’t have to depend on app stores and that way you save a lot of time and money.

6. Pwas Are Leaner In Size Compared To Native Applications:

With Progressive Web Applications you get the better efficiency in terms of processing power, overall performance, and storage (using less disk space), and these all factors make them popular among users.

A user is more likely to delete an application when the app is taking too much storage space or have to spend a lot of data to access the information. PWAs are a success in such a scenario.

7. Experience Faster Performance With Progressive Web Apps:

PWAs have the advantage of the speed and the web very efficiently optimizes the searched/demanded data or information at a lightning fast speed and delivers it to the user.

With the latest offline features of PWA, it is now capable of superseding native apps and websites in terms of page loads. Slow loading websites and applications are one of the top reasons why users abandon a site within seconds of visiting them.

8. Cost-Efficient Progressive Web Application:

Developing software is a time and cost critical investment which requires ongoing monitoring, quality assurance, maintenance as well as feature enhancement of the application.

You benefit when investing in progressive web apps as you don’t have to worry about store submission and no hassle of whether the app is working across different browsers or major devices.

Focusing on one main website (PWA for your business) is enough to cater a web, android, iPhone, or desktop user. You also save money by investing and hiring just one development team that will administer the development and sustainability of your PWA.

9. Superior Result When Talking About User Building:

As per a recent study, on an average, half of the total smartphone users download no new application in a month. This is because; engaging a user through an application and impressing them enough so that they would download the application is a very complicated process.

It was quite different from visiting a website as for downloading the application the user will have to go to the app store first and then they will have to search for the app and go through the reviews to ensure the application is worth their time and then after decide to download the app on their device.

Almost 77 percent of freshly installed applications are never opened after 72 hours. You also need to make sure the user acclimatizes to your app so they don’t get bored of it as you cannot risk them uninstalling the app.

Since Progressive Web Apps have simple and quick installation; these are quite popular among users who are not fond of a lot of hassle. Brands/businesses like Ola have experienced that one fifth of their users chose web app over native apps.

10. Better Conversion Rates With PWA:

Progressive web applications have proven to be great at engaging with target and potential consumers which has successfully improved the conversion rates for businesses. From increasing subscriptions to cross selling, and client retention, PWAs have a great results in terms of online business building.


Progressive Web Apps are promising when you are focusing on delivering a premium user experience to your consumers (as these apps are leaner, slicker, and faster, and much efficient as compared to native apps). Attract a relevant audience and strengthen your brand presence with a robust PWA. For the latest web application development services from India you can Reach Out To Midas and We Are Just A Call Away! Check out our services section to know more about our services. Stay tuned for our next blog post.