11 Mistakes To Avoid When Planning For Web Application Development 2021…Part I

“The user experience design of a product essentially lies between the intentions of the product and the characteristics of your user.”-David Kadavy

Not assessing the market prior to introducing your product or business is one of the key mistakes that lead to almost 90 percent of startups to fail right after the launch in the market. How you release your product in the market plays quite a significant and major role in the success of it.


When talking about developing web applications, it is crucial to give heed to estimates, the critical MVP stage, and the addition of necessary functions as well as quality testing to prevent major errors that can lead to the utter failure of the product.

Through this blog series, we will be zeroing in on serious pitfalls during web application development. Keep reading how you can avert these critical mistakes and save your time and labor.

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Here Are 11 Common Mistakes That You Must Avoid When Planning For Your Business Web App Development:

1. Validate Your Business Idea:

An idea might sound really good and worth the shot while it’s still a thought. However, you need to ensure that the real world and the real market is going to accept your product and service and one way to do it is by validating your business idea. Go for the hands-on feedback from real people out there to measure the success rate of the plan you are thinking of investing in.

Would you consider your product idea novel? Or is it one of those concepts that have already saturated the market? You do not want to risk investing in a product/web app that is already present in the market as your target user might not show the desired interest in exploring more about it.

We recommend going for an in-depth and thorough analysis of your target users’ demands (one way to do that is through interviewing customers) and how your business idea will meet those requirements.

Another cost-effective way to validate your idea is by building a prototype and MVP and evaluating the feedback you receive from your target users and stakeholders. This way you can verify if your plan/business idea will have the advantage in the market.

2. Do Not Forget About Your Target Audience:

This could be a fatal fall for any business if they are introducing a business plan and concept without keeping the target audience in mind. The web app concept you are planning to invest in should very well meet the expectations of your audience and solve their pertinent problems.

A business product should always be customer-oriented and if you are missing this point at the initial stage then you will have to spend extra time and money, in the end, to refurbish your application to meet your consumer needs.

Performing market research and pin-pointing major requirements of your target audience and accordingly building the application that will bring valuable service for the consumer is the right way to go about when building your web app for business.

3. Skipping The Prototype Stage:

Once you have determined and established the requirements and interests of your target consumer then the next stage is to develop a functioning app version that you can present to your investors.

Spending on a prototype rather than a full-fledged product is a smart move because you get to test the navigation and user-flow on the prototype without going all the way of investing in the product. A prototype is a replica or a template model with a clickable function that gives you a pretty good idea of what the app will look like and how the user flow is going to be like.

Your developer saves time in building the mock-up product and you save funds in creating one before finalizing the application and if this is the one you want to go forward with. A prototype will give you a clear idea of your application and how you can make it more efficient by adding or modifying the available features.

Here is an idea of the mobile prototype that we had designed for one of our clients for their multiple vendor automobile market.



We believe that your business app should have the potential to add value to your business by improving customer engagement, contributing to the ROI, and boosting clientele. It is possible when you have planned your way from scratch till the end to get a market-relevant and user-oriented web application.

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